Gardens to reconnect with nature, even where you wouldn't expect

For twenty years I've designed and built gardens in many different places; private gardens and public parks, recreational properties or business parks, penthouses and terraces, housing developments ... a bit of everything. And always with one goal in mind: creating functional, sustainable spaces with a high aesthetic value which most of all, become widely used vivid spaces , allowing people to interact with nature.

Looking for places to enjoy
It’s not enough when a garden is beautiful. It must be usable and lead your senses. The garden has to invite you to enjoy it, allowing people to live and use it. Whether it’s a small home garden or an office or hotel, it must not be a mere showcase for contemplation and should be ready to be widely used.

A garden designed for you
The garden should suit the needs of those who live in it . There are lots of items that a customer may want in his garden and landscape design goal is to provide a solution to these constraints within an overall proposal.

Urban Garden
For me it has to be treated as an extra room in the house. The most important one. People needs to be in contact with nature and this is the best way.

Searching the connection between architecture and garden
The garden should not be an unrelated item. It must be related to the surrounding architecture. The mixture of built elements and natural elements makes this relationship, so I like to use them together, construction materials combined with natural elements like plants and stone.

Choice of species, reduced water consumption, ease of maintenance. Good design has to take everything into account, so the garden makes sense.

The garden is experienced day and night
It is essential to illuminate it to contemplate and enjoy at any time.


(Esp) Oficinas Skylight Madrid

Baker-McKenzie Cffices in Madrid

Private garden in Madrid

Big Mamma Restaurant

Private Garden in Madrid

(Esp) Jardín en Madrid

Residential Condominium in Majadahonda

(Esp) Jardín en Mirasierra

(Esp) Oficinas en Madrid

Bussines Park in Madrid

Golf & Country Club in Alicante

Private garden in La Finca

Business Park in Madrid

Private garden in Madrid

Bussiness Park in Madrid

Private garden in Pozuelo

Private garden in Majorca

Patio in Madrid

Penthouse in Madrid

Private garden in Aravaca

Private garden in Pozuelo

Juan Casla

Architect, ETSAM

From childhood I’ve been engaged in the gardening business owned by my family. Both sources leaded to the establishment of a landscape studio integrated in the context of the family business, developing a multitude of public and private projects since 1999.

For 15 years I have been CEO of family companies combining business management with landscape design.
Member of the Spanish Association of Landscaping and member of the Spanish Association of Garden Centers, for which I was President from 2009-2012.

Since 2014 I am President of The Green Community, a federation of associations that represents and protects the interests of the green sector in Spain.


Please contact us if you want to know more or you are interested in us for evaluating your project.

Juan Casla – Paisajismo

c/Condes del Val, 9
28036 Madrid
T +34 91 457 48 47

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